• Meet our ZOET team:

  • Taylor Mohn Is our assistent baker, a true artist at decorating cakes and making new flavor combinations. Taylor completed Charlotte Technical College's baking and pastry program, has won state pastry competitions and placed in the top 10 pastry chefs nationally in Skills USA competition.
  • Next to being a passionate baker Taylor loves to go to the beach, travel and hang out with family and friends.
  • Something you don't know about Taylor: She joined Sharon & Jordy to Amsterdam, this was the first time she traveled this far! On this trip she probably tried every pastry she could find!

Jordy Beumer, Chef & Owner

  • Jordy Beumer is a passionate chef who will not shy away from challenges. He loves to surprise people with surprising creations and great flavor combinations. Jordy used to work as a chef in some well-known Dutch restaurants. So Jordy can make more than ice cream. Jordy is available to come and cook at Private events, give lessons and instructions, or prep all your catering for all your special events. By combining his experience with his own ideas, he always knows how to create a beautiful dish. Which not only looks good but also tastes delicious.
  • Next to cooking, creating and baking he loves to fish, hunt, be with family and friends and travel.
  • Something you don't know about Jordy: Finished Culinary Art School of Amsterdam and became a certificated Instructor before he turned 21.

Meaning of : Zoet.

(Sweet) having the pleasant taste characteristic of sugar or honey (Gentle) having or showing a kindly or tender nature.

Sharon Hooijkaas, Manager & Owner

  • Sharon Hooijkaas is a passionate hostess and manager. She worked as manager at a Swarovski store in one of the busiest shopping streets in Amsterdam, A make up / brow artist for Benefit, and always wanted to become a Horse trainer. ¬†Sharon will lead all business in the shop and is in direct contact to our customers. If Sharon isn't in the store she is on the road with our Zoet trailer. You can rent our trailer for special events and occasions.
  • Sharon is a real cowgirl she used to compete in western Reining championships and was Dutch and European Champion with her APHA Stallion: Commander Riminic. She also loves to Swim, Ski, Travel and be with family and friends.
  • Something you don't know about Sharon: She won the Dutch reality tv-show: Secret Story at age 20. ¬†( Big Brother)
Together, Jordy and Sharon had a dream and that is to start something for themselves. Where people could come cozy up, start a conversation while enjoying true delights and good company.