Our Story

Jordy Beumer is a passionate chef who will not shy away from challenges. He loves to surprise people with surprising creations and great flavor combinations. Jordy used to work as a chef in some well-known Dutch restaurants. By combining his experience with his own ideas, he always knows how to create a beautiful dish. Which not only looks good but also tastes delicious. Sharon Hooijkaas is a passionate hostess and manager. Sharon will lead all business in the shop and is in direct contact to our customers. With each dish there is a story to tell. Which we will be happy to explain. Together, Jordy and Sharon had a dream and that is to start something for themselves. Where people go to cozy up to a cup of coffee while enjoying true delights and a good conversation.

Meaning of : Zoet.

(Sweet) having the pleasant taste characteristic of sugar or honey (Gentle) having or showing a kindly or tender nature.

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